Corbel Jannin
Corbel Jannin

Truck-crane rental

Whether you are an industrial, a craftsman or an entrepreneur, you may require lifting equipment for a one-off task.

This adapted machinery offers :

  • Mobility,
  • Speed,
  • Handling.

Their installation is useful, but carries specific limitations such as special permits, high costs and inconsistent availability.

CORBEL-JANNIN INDUSTRIES will provide you with professional truck-crane rentals with a driver.

We can provide you with our truck crane (32 metres -16 tonnes), which has a space-saving hydraulic jib that is adapted to small sites or sites that are difficult to access.

It has various uses :

  • The handling of various equipment,
  • The supply of construction sites,
  • Works and repair work at height,
  • One-off interventions on site.

We can provide you with engineers for all of your specialised interventions.