Corbel Jannin
Corbel Jannin

Engineering office - specific projects

Each production site and building site is unique.
CORBEL-JANNIN’s knowledge of SMEs is such that we will provide you with our skilled engineers to bring your projects to life.

  • The feasibility study
  • Your draft
  • The drafting of the specifications and technical specifications
  • The methods Our engineering office will satisfy all of the needs of an industrial site. We will provide a real technical service to our clients for all types of projects.

We will accompany you step by step from the onset of your project to its final installation in your unit.

We will intervene in new projects, for standardisation or for maintenance on the following projects :

  • Means of production
    • Special purpose machine and industrial mechanics
    • Specialised tools
  • Industrial installations/Setting up of units
    • Metal work /Metal structures
    • Pipework
    • Operator platforms

For all you project managers, engineers and draughtsmen, CORBEL-JANNIN will provide you with all of its know-how to help bring to life specific projects.
We work with professionals in the Rhône-Alpes region, but can also intervene on request anywhere in France.

Aside from our technical skills, our teams thrive on giving our customers the best service. Our major advantages are the fact that : we listen, we are adaptable, available and reactive.

Special purpose machine

CORBEL-JANNIN will handle the development of specialist machinery, acording to your needs ; specifically :

  • Hydraulic winders
  • Forklift equipment
  • Manipulators
  • Burring of barrels
  • Forging pliers
  • Forging manipulators

New equipment
You can count on the skills of CORBEL-JANNIN for the realisation of all your new building work, such as :

  • The installation of guard rails
  • The installation of made to measure stairs
  • The standardisation or compliance of security features

A production unit generally means the adaptation of that building for better security or access.

Our engineers will intervene quickly for all of your improvement works.